Swim with seals and South Channel Fort Tour

From AUD $125.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Product code: PPWLM1
This snorkel tour includes two prime locations: Historical South Channel Fort and Chinaman's Hat. 

South Channel Fort is a man-made island built in the 1800's and completed as the finished version of what Popes Eye was to become. Designed with gunning placements hosting disappearing guns, it was intended to defend Victoria against any invasions suspected during the gold rush era. All aspects of the island from above the water to below provide environments that are both exciting and adventurous. 

Chinaman's Hat, "Port Phillip Bay's Premier Bachelor Pad", is a custom built structure for the Australasian Fur Seals residing in the bay. Designed specifically, the structure provides an ideal lazing pad for the big browned-eyed seals. Seals are the Labradors of the sea and enjoy playing and mimicking snorkelers in the water. They love attention: the more they receive, the more playful they will be. Imitating a seal with result in the seal showing off their true grace and fluidity in the water, diving down, spiraling around and even splashing up out of the water. 

Being one of the very little operators with licence to dock right at the Fort's pier, we bring you the opportunity to jump on the island and explore every hidden tunnel and passages underneath the island as well as enjoying a snorkel exploration in its surrounding waters. After discovering the history of the bay, we pay a visit to the Fury Seals at Chinaman's Hat for a play around!

Entertainment and safety assured for everyone, including the youngest ones in the family/group!